Aquarius and Libra

These signs, both of air, have excellent compatibility in all aspects. A relationship between them will be what will bring greater wellbeing, so it is easy to tell because they always look for each other. Both Aquarius and Libra are signs of balance and stability. They love hanging out with friends and have a good social life, this is true, that they are always together.

They are visionary people who like to have plans made and know what to do at all times. This ability to plan and balance makes them especially good for business and the economy, although they may get everything they intend to get if they know how to listen and support each other.

Some discussion between them may arise from small differences in their character, but they are always going to talk in private and no one will see them discussing in public. They love their privacy. The relationships of love or friendship that can exist between them are usually the longest and are almost impossible to break. So, a couple of these signs usually dominate the entire group of friends or family, because they have the same goals, go together and support each other in everything. On the sexual plane, these signs will be complementary at everything, so they will give each other what they need and what they like. In this way, sex between them will never be monotonous and they will always have something new to experiment with.

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