Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

February 2023

This will be an end of cycle and you are the person to take advantage of a moment: you are the agent of change and mutation. You know how to take advantage of these situations and how to create a new space there, where others only see the ruins of the above. You have to let the new sprouts breathe, and then you find your new place under the sun. The crisis are not that space where it strengthens the fittest, but clarified that place where, in the end, where we are made and to where we are able to reach. Life is sometimes a sea is calm, and sometimes their waters surge. And who determines this is the moon, which rules over streams and backwaters. And is the female star who takes total ownership of your sky this month. Its mandate is simple for you: you have to move wisely to get the clean water, and come to fruition. This is no time to hesitate: you have to drop anchor and let the wind take over. Venus takes transit opposite Jupiter, and this marks a positive change in relationships, but something negative in the pocket. So you are looking for how to deal with special hard turbulence in your professional life. Do not worry: you have to put the effort in the workplace, and the moon will do the rest for you. Do not be afraid to turn the Wheel of Change that is against you, it is written that your best is yet to come, provided you know what the waters bring and carry out.

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