Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

October 2021

You have to enter your house but into your real home. And it's time to live in balance. The tranquility is more attractive than ever, and it's time that you attract it into your life. Do you not you think it's time to set foot on Earth? It's time for serenity and calm to continue: words, relationships, events, days. We must slow down and approach the center of ourselves with a mandate: serenity. The Moon is placed on you, Aquarius, and this indicates that the currents change direction, become calm, filled with promises of a time where everything slows down and shines on the rest. It's time to hand us the fruits and we work on Earth. It is a break in life. Economic success you expected this month will complicate. You will have tough weeks, but do not become impatient. The presence of Mercury from day 7 assists you, but does not release you from the effects of the disruption that the urgency and haste have left in your affairs. Get off the ship and watch the fields. Only in this contemplation will the way forward will be shown, the extent of damage and the work that must be done. Get out of life to enter back into it with an itinerary. By the same token, warns Mercury, to not risk it nor invest money in gambling or games. You are at risk of adding more losses if you do not put the brakes on your desire for adrenaline. Towards the end of the month, the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn will enhance your charm, and you'll have a chance to attack what you do best: negotiate. Then will come the time to return to the road and summon allies. Not before, not after.

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