Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

September 2020

Know that the dependencies are not healthy, and that we must clean them up in the negative sense: it's time to avoid blackmail and blame, and build a real relationship. Do not get carried away and have to learn to keep up with people who seem like role models. The Moon remains high on your Sky this September, and that is an advertisement for you to review your relationships and nature. Do not let time pass without doing this analysis, because it depends on how healthy relationships starring your life are. And the moon not only demands that you review your relationship but every relationship and bond that you and the ones that depend your maturity and growth. We relate to others not only to fill our solitude. Yes the relationships we have not used in that sense, without reason. And then they should be put to revision. Do not submit to unhealthy easements not only feel the weight of loneliness or effort, do not let others be the ones to carry our burdens if it were to demand a high price. Prevent others to take the paddle wheel. Do not let that put you in situations that risk your independence and wellbeing. Aquarius love, has another no other price, and if someone demands something in return, gives you no love and no future. The Moon wants you to open your eyes and recognize the possible ways, true ones.

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