Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

May 2022

This is a time when you cannot neglect the help of those who love you. It's time to call and wait for who gives the hint. Do not neglect anyone that lends the hand, you know you need everyone who wants to help build that bridge to take you beyond this point from where you have been stagnant and only see life pass as routine. It's time for things to change, and you'll only get it if you let love do its job. The moon rises high in your sky, and it touches on this transit is to give you a more honest view of the person you are, and recognize that sometimes is not enough we can do, and we need to allow others come to put the house in order. You have to take that out of your head. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness but as exercise to the honesty binds to the person you are and you should be about the problems of life. It is irresponsible to undertake a battle for which we are not prepared; if we know we can count on the best allies: those who love us and are willing to put their hands into the fire for us. Do not forsake the work you want to undertake projects because of fear of them not accompanying you: this is a common cause, and not only allow you to grow, but everyone you love also.

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