Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

April 2024

A period in which the best thing to do is to integrate groups and teams. You must strengthen your social life and expand your circle of influence. This is a month in which you should not be alone and away from emotions and colleagues. You have to share the experience of growing up and working and existential wisdom. Do not deprive others of your time and worth, as they too will nourish you with what they have to give. The others are a mirror in which we see our shortcomings, and we can take what is necessary for us to grow and strengthen. We must not be an island, but to celebrate the ties that bind us and which run from one to another, from person to person, the experience of being part of humanity. The moon rises in your sky this April, and it moves you to the social life, achievements shared, common experiences, to be part of the causes and search for others. It will be a great time if you are a teacher or have working groups at your expense. You'll be a great leader in sports or research teams, and render the right track of all work done together. They also have great results Aquarians seek elected office and those whose task is persuasion and selling. However, the best of this month will not be the economic achievements: the Sun is gets away from Saturn throughout April, and this imposes leadership learning and the need to go beyond oneself. The sun will demand Aquarius, you learn the task put in front of causes.

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