Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

December 2023

You should take the advice given to us. It is a moment whose complexity exceeds us. You have to use the experience of others, get some juice out of his wisdom and vision. Put aside the pride that impels you to act according to your own designs. A crowd sees only a pair of eyes. Of shared evidence of a greater knowledge of ourselves is created. Must be opened. The moon in your sky high this month, extending its light to discover treasure you have in others, people who are around you, where your steps and your caring ways. And there are several issues you've been guided by your instinct, and I must say that you have not made the best choices you would expect. You have to be humble and tolerant: leave the solution to this problem that affects you and is not being fixed. Must be left blank spaces in the contract that we signed with the world, and let, occasionally, others surprise us. The company always makes a journey more bearable trance. And more than once become the decisive factor to reach fruition. And in this period will be: the word and guide to those around you will help you out of a difficult situation. Mercury travels to Mars during this last month of the year, and that means moving primarily through communication that will save pitfalls that seemed invincible. So let’s put foreign aid on your side: the higher the island, the greater its resistance to flow.

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