Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 2022

It is necessary to deal with the circumstances as they come. We must tackle and know to understand that it does not damage, also has a positive side: inoculates us, makes us stronger, more resilient. We must accept the problems that obstruct us the way as proof they are and not as the end of our aspirations. The strength comes from inside you, and changes your environment. Do not give up that right. The Moon stands tall on your Sky this first month of the year, and this step will be full of lessons about yourself, your abilities, your being in the world. And you are going to get problems from different places, in different intensities. All traffic carried by the Mercury operates in opposition to Mars. That messenger rushes all and wants changes you make will also accelerate and ripen. And there's nothing that forges our mettle as how we face obstacles. And it is necessary to put into perspective your abilities and limitations. And some others are the stuff that you have to face in life. And the problems are the constant training that we undergo because of the stars. Do you have skills? Use them, whatever the terrain in which you move. Do you suffer from limitations? It's time to overcome with effort, vitality, decisively. The mirrors are not for us to feast on our image, but for the inventory of the specific ideas that lead to actions and paths arising. Enough of crossed arms apathetic hope that it's time to take life as it is: proof that the best of yourself has worth.

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