Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman The Aquarius woman is a very open and honest person, even though in love, she will need a lot of affection, fragility and tact to be able to show herself as she really is. People with a great sense of humor, these are also very witty and can become mysterious if you get to really know her in depth.

In love, Aquarius women need a little space with their partner. Not that they like being alone, far from it, but she needs time to be by herself, make assessments of her life, think of new goals and objectives for her life, etc. She is a person that we should treat very carefully sexually, she needs to feel comfortable and safe to fully unfold. Otherwise, she will easily feel somewhat deceived and will close the doors to new experiences in this regard, which significantly affect the relationship.

They are people who need someone who will listen to them, but not just any person, it must be that one partner or friend who she has known for a while and who has never betrayed her. The Aquarius woman is not a person that gives confidence to people just by being in her life, but takes her time and makes sure they are the right people. In addition, Aquarius is a person who likes the family, so being with them will be more rewarding than going out with friends, but they should not think that she has changed, but will be there at certain times and these must understand that their priorities in life have changed if they do not want to lose her.

She is a woman with great ingenuity and creativity, she can take any job she wants in life. However, she is a very competitive person, so you she may have some friction with people at work and if she senses that any of them, for any reason, want competition or may get between her plans.

They like to feel free and enjoy life, so they do not spend the day thinking about problems and they do not want pessimistic people around them. However, if they do have them, friends or family, they will be a good advantage for the Libra woman, so she will be more realistic than she already is.

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