Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From April 22 to April 28

Work: During the first week of May the businesses and finances tend to improve and to become stabilized. New point of view can to be very advisable, so that this new cycle begins that will throughout lead the year towards a very favorable change, does not let pass more time without looking for that way of abundance that can obtain if sets out it. In order to manage to advance you must overcome problems from the past, the influence of the Moon can be very strong in this sense. It never is late for undertaking a new way that changes your destiny, to initiate studies or to change of task, if it deludes a fresh start, that stops it to nothing.

Love: This week will live moments on great fullness and happiness. If it lives confused situations it is the opportunity to trust his affection and to lean in love. Passion like infallible amulet is a prognosis that can last the entire year… if it recognizes his feelings. Pisces you will pardon everything to you to manage to conserve it, nevertheless this does not give unlimited power him to be uncontrolled badly nor to be been thankful thoughtless, if you want a stable relation the more it is considered and loving. There will be an excellent spiritual union between the fall in love with ones. It is an excellent opportunity to realize romantic strolls under the light of the Moon… It designs romantic strategies for the weekend, will not regret…

Health: Inactivity it is not his better election, although you can be necessary for reasons of work, is very important to be able to reserve a time to take care of the health doing some physical activity. Exits in the nature will repartner your circulation, spirit and self-esteem. This one is a year of great vitality nevertheless is not created immortal, must take care or your health to take advantage of better the good influences planets. The native ones of aquarium must take care of especially your digestive apparatus during this Moon. Take care of yourself or your diet mostly the sugars that can affect your health and its nerves, the influence of the Moon does not have to be extended…

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