Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From January 24 to January 30

Work: Discover and enjoy your bold side, releases his creative personality. Dare yourself to plus every day in the entire planes. Reframe your attitude in the loving plane; a little diversion does not come anything badly. Beware with the labor projects or the studies. It chose it to the Universe and he is successful just by the fact to have been born in this world, and his to have in life it is to complete this way of success, learning to know your own self… try to plan hours to be able to be only and to meditate on its existential real problems, is an welcome opportunity, very well aspected by its planet runs, to find a solution to it keeps awake what it. The truth is healing, is not deceived to yourself.

Love: Take care of yourself of fleeting relations. Evaluate before acting in the loving plane and delays all fatal decision for morning, consults with the pillow. There will be one better occasion for marriage proposals, weddings, no engagements or romances… singles to the aim will not dance single. You will be dedicated to commend about your companion with the most varied present, to show that are generous in love Learn to decree your will, to program your destiny and to be wanted and to trust yourself. Your superiority will be seen of manifesto in the first times of the day… try to pay attention to the signals to you offers your destiny.

Health: You need a good diet to become fit and to benefit your health. The practice of some physical activity would not come to be badly either, mostly if you need to fight labor stress. The mental and spiritual power is the best tools than you have in life so that this Is developed according to its aims, and not as a boat to the drift. you need in addition the sufficient introspection so that the self-knowledge your true I am evident and can program your passages according to your true ideals, dreams and needs. However, also what it has done badly will pass invoice to you. Make up your mind in going to the Gym.

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