Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From May 3 to May 9

Work: It is totally dedicated to analyze the economic imbalances and to correct errors committed in the labor plane. Not aside from his affection, try to provide his labor times, that do not consume everything and less still your free time. That its gain compensates to you will be work or your brings back to consciousness and determination of goals, whenever sees that work carried out was necessary and the nonexcessive one, and understands that there are limits for everything. You will increase its preoccupation by the money, can solve it, it only trusts yourself. It is not good period to begin ventures new. It orders the first unfinished tasks.

Love: This week is quite sensual for of the sign, mostly for the been born ones in the second deanship, that can make specific those erotic fantasies that have made the rounds by your head for a long time. Good moment to make transcendental decisions from a two. To marry, to be united, to travel and to project to future this week can be very advisable. For that are in partner for years we can assure that the transit of the Sun is to you very beneficial, trusts your luck. You can invigorate the loving and affective bonds and to culminate any problem of partner to improve and to avoid the rupture of the relation.

Health: you need more sun and clean air in your life, try to leave of side the nocturnal exits. If it requires a rest two give to yourself, You will return full from flowers of hope and with new determination and vital energy or your stroll by the field. If your plans of trips undergo some interruption or find obstacles to be realized is not discouraged, try to rest in house. you need much. The discipline will be very necessary not to leave the diet if an nourishing plan has begun to improve, try to reinforce its commitment with daily affirmations. Avoid the auto-medication and it seriously set to yourself to harmonize his diet.

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