Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From September 21 to September 27

Work: In work ties to solve the situations that appear. Bad decisions and irresolution of problems. Great tensions in the world of work approach that can result in familiar problems, deals with of the not taking to the misfortunes work to the home. You must learn to enjoy more the life, the simple moments, the daily joys. It lets fly the imagination, it buys a fantasy novel and relax yourself in that world, while it reads leaves the problems and preoccupations at conscious level, nevertheless the brain continues working, but without the obstacle or your permanent pressure, fear and confusions… it lets work calm about your brain while you relax with something of science fiction. Maintain in his plans and projects private.

Love: Trust to know yourself and to yourself to achieve success. The moments of calm today will be little, resulting of the great energy that has planets to upset in the people of this sign, mostly in the women. This overflowing you will have to be very well directed, in directions thought and meditated well. If acts rashly only will seed discord about your around, calm yourself and try to listen to the proposals or your companion, this way you will obtain an enormous spiritual connection with the relationship… Much sexual energy and desire to unfold the entire possible imagination. Thorny dialog with people of the same sex!

Health: Recover, by means of a compatible artistic activity about your personality, the desire of beauty and the time that give to yourself some opt-in every day to you. Watch his well around, this week you will be good to connect to plenary session with his reality and knowledge to undertake necessary actions and for a long time delayed. About your inspiration you will not need anything if it decides to realize a work of art. The art manages to expand the time, take advantage of this Intense spiritual period to make bloom its dowries and gifts. The next week will need so much as a healthful body, already will see! Take care of yourself or your diet, like a hour regular to favor the digestion and to avoid problems.

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