Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

From December 9 to December 15

Work: Whether this In charge of an working group as if one is in relationship of dependency, you will have to measure its words and trying to trench conflicts appealing to its power to handle the discussion. With the truth it is arrived more far. Use the Law of Attraction and it realizes your destiny, day to day, in the profit of the money and happiness that wants. Aries always he is flying by the air, in today you are not going to help him to leave much to fly with his friends the birds, lowers to earth and connect yourself with a terrestrial sign, collaborator will help a terrestrial it to leave difficulties and to achieve objectives. The water people are not going to include/understand it today, looks for other allies. Good day for companies, agreements, new societies and planning of trips and changes. The best day to marry.

Love: Some will finish with your solitude forever, since during this month you will appear an awaited love long. Health main problems will appear in the digestive system, these will give to you more than one scare. The spirit of the fall in love with ones will be favored by the good humor and the desire to be well, which will help them to bear the different affective bumps that come suffering from beginning of the year. Intense social and loving activity. Possibilities of concretion of plans in the long term. Towards end of the week partner problems can be generated, to leave this anguish you will have to resort to a direct, sincere dialog and frees of your deeper feelings.

Health: The physical body that you own must honor it in the immensity of this rich world as to have spiritual, a biological and natural order, must fructify it, to make of this opportunity of life a true vote of confidence and humility to the Creation. The Venus influence can be positive or negative, often aspected bad planet obtains wonders in the undecided people and timid, if this one is his case try to follow your Impulses, if however it has natural libertine tendencies, better try to spend one week calm in house.

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