Aquarius and Aquarius

The compatibility between two Aquarius are one of the highest you will find in the zodiac, as both are Air signs and know how to understand each other perfectly. While there are other signs that are the same and clash a lot, to the Aquarius finding people with the same sign would be better.

Aquarians are people who like to have things well planned and think a lot about the problems in order to find the best solutions. If he has a partner of another sign, this aspect of his character is hard to understand, but they understand each other and get stability in life that they both seek.

Aquarians are very friendly signs and this makes them get along with almost all friends. However, the best friendships that an Aquarius will have will be with another Aquarius, therefore he will be able to trust him much more than they trust any other signs. In love, there is nothing they will not resist. They may go as far as they want, because they always have everything planned; there is nothing that will escape them.

As a couple, they work very well, because what one does not see, the other will see. Thus, one of them will be more balanced, making them have great achievements in personal, professional and in the economic aspect. However, in the sexual level, relations between them are not the most explosive, because its not something that they need much. They will have the relationships they want and will comply with them.

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