Aquarius and Leo

The compatibility between these air and fire signs is one of the highest, because Leo loves the intellectual capacity of Aquarius and Aquarius enjoys the warmth and generosity of Leo. Therefore, if they want, there is nothing that will ever separate them.

The characters of these signs may seem contrary, but they are not. There are many more things they have in common than there are differences between them and the few differences there are, is for the sake of their relationship, as they both like the way the other is.

They are signs that will complement all aspects, so they provide them any kind of relationship they want to have. In love and friendship, these signs are going to enjoy good relations, because they understand each other and know what the other needs. It is important to know that Aquarius can be a little more jealous than Leo but Leo will know to give the peace the other needs to be well in the relationship. The achievements these two will gain together will be many, both on the economic and personal level, but especially at work and business, where they will feel comfortable.

On the sexual plane, the relations of these signs are very good. Although Aquarius is not a great lover of sex with other zodiac signs, Leo knows what he needs and it offers so he can get to experience the best sensations upon him.

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