Aquarius and Scorpio

These two Air and Water signs respectively will have the best compatibility, despite these two signs are quite complementary, each does things in a very different way than the other and also live personal relationships so very differently.

In friendship, these signs themselves will be able to get along, because although Scorpio is a sign that likes to be right and is most stubborn Aquarius will not give much attention and will let him be right before entering discussing. As a couple, these signs will have a future only if there is space between them.

Although the space is not seen as one of the best allies for love relations, in this case it will be. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are going to need time to be by themselves and get away from the problems of the relationship. However, Aquarius will be the one to make a Scorpio understand things, who has a hard time recognizing when he is wrong. Living with a Scorpio will not be simple for Aquarius and they will need to be separated from time to time to continue living together. However, these signs do work great and are going to get much in the labor aspect or economics. Both are very cautious and take risks in the safest way, having well studied the situations in which they find themselves. On the sexual plane, relations between them are not the best.

Scorpio is a person who does not feel the need to have relations and not very affectionate, something which Aquarius will not feel good about.

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