Aquarius and Taurus

The compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus, Air and Earth signs is not as high as that of Aquarius with other signs, but if they can get along and have a long and very fruitful relationship.

Taurus is very stubborn and has a hard time understanding certain things. It is not easy for him to budge and this is something that sometimes, will upset Aquarius. In addition, Aquarius likes to enjoy leisure time and be with friends, while Taurus is quite suspicious of social life and prefers the intimacy of the partnership. These differences between them, can make the connections between them not last long, but if both are willing to talk and give in from time to time, they may have a good life together.

The achievements that students want to gain in life will depend largely on Aquarius, who is the most optimistic of the relationship. Taurus tends to see things in a very realistic and even pessimistic way, which will make Aquarius think twice before doing anything and, on the other hand, the optimism of Aquarius can make Taurus feel more secure. On the sexual plane, Taurus is not a person who likes to have a lot of sex and dislikes vary a lot, while Aquarius likes new experiences. Again, these signs are going to need dialogue and understanding to make sex be pleasurable for both.

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