Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

June 2024

Mercury moves into Saturn in the sixth month, and you know what that means: change, change, change. And there is no water in which you move better than that one that moves and shakes the Earth. The tonic of this month will be the changes around you. There will be movement at work, at home, in the love life and what you get to do is not only to adapt to these changes, but use them to advance on the road to your fulfillment. By the second week of the month, Mercury and Saturn will pave the ground and make everything around you shake. Do not worry at first that nothing could have come out unscathed from the hurricane, but it's just the air of renewal. You have to build. Venus appears on stage to 10, and their presence, you know, will move toward love and desires, but not always to your advantage. We must guard against temptation. Do not take missteps that you might regret. Restrain the desire of conquest, and who you must honor. The Moon is a harsh mistress, and demands you toward the third week. Appears in your sky, and wants you to know that the road to the person you love will not be easy, but it's the idea that you value every second and drop of sweat and to value happiness you worked so hard to get. The month ends with Saturn moving toward the Sun, and the conditions get stormy. You have to know weather the storm that comes over you financially. There comes a rainy day, but if you take care of what you have in your pocket.

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